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2017 新闻稿


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12/28/17Seven Stars Cloud Chairman & CEO Bruno Wu Provides Brief Update on Digital Asset Securitization
12/22/17Seven Stars Cloud Chairman & CEO Bruno Wu Provides Brief Update on Company Vision
12/20/17Seven Stars Cloud Announces 27% Purchase of Delaware Board of Trade Holdings, Inc. (DBOT)
12/04/17Seven Stars Cloud Announces 20% Purchase of BBD Digital Capital Group Ltd.
11/13/17Seven Stars Cloud Reports Q3 2017 Results
11/06/17Seven Stars Cloud Launches New Corporate Website, Including New Investor Presentation
11/02/17Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc. to Report Q3 2017 Results and Host Investor Update Call Monday, November 13
10/27/17Seven Stars Cloud Closes on $10 Million USD Private Placement
10/23/17Seven Stars Cloud Announces Technology Licensing Agreement for its Red Coin Chain Securitization Platform
10/19/17Seven Stars Cloud Announces New JV, BBD Digital Finance Group, with BBD, Asia's Leader in Artificial Intelligence-Based Big Data Solutions
10/09/17Seven Stars Cloud Names Bruno Wu as CEO and Robert G. Benya as Director, President & Chief Revenue Officer
09/28/17Seven Stars Cloud to Launch its Asset-Backed Securitization, Tokenization and Exchange Platform (ABST) in Q4 2017
09/20/17Seven Stars Cloud Provides Updates on Patent Filings, SuperApp, VPaaS and TPaaS
09/01/17Bruno Wu's Sun Seven Stars Announces Stock Distribution to its Minority Shareholders, on a Portion of its SSC Stock Holdings
08/25/17Seven Stars Cloud Announces Engagement of Ogilvy for Investor Relations and Corporate Financial Communications
08/17/17Seven Stars Cloud Provides Update on NextGen Exchange Group
08/16/17Seven Stars Cloud Announces New JV, Red Coin Chain, Ltd.
08/15/17Seven Stars Cloud Provides Updated Chart and Overview on its Business Ecosystem
08/14/17Seven Stars Cloud Reports Q2 2017 Results
08/14/17Seven Stars Cloud Announces 2 New Separate JV Partnerships
08/02/17/C O R R E C T I O N -- Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc./
07/26/17Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc. Announces Strategic Framework Agreement with International Business Settlement Holdings Ltd.
07/14/17Wecast Network Announces Ticker Symbol Change to "SSC" (effective Monday July 17, 2017)
07/10/17Wecast to Sell Interests in 3 Non-Core Assets for RMB100 Million (approx. $14.75 Million USD at current exchange rates) in Cash and Stock
06/21/17Wecast to Form Joint Venture with the Rural Commercial Bank Development Alliance
06/16/17Wecast to Form Joint Venture with He Ying Private Equity Fund
06/12/17Wecast to Purchase 51% of NextGen Exchange Group
06/05/17Wecast Announces Corporate Name Change to Seven Stars Cloud Group
05/25/17Wecast Raises $2 million USD in Private Placement
05/19/17Wecast to form JV with Berlin-Based PANTAFLIX GmbH for Cloud-Based Global VOD Platform
05/15/17Wecast Network Reports Q1 2017 Results
05/15/17Investor Network: Wecast Network, Inc. to Host Earnings Call
05/03/17Wecast Network Announces Grant Thornton LLP as New Independent Auditor
05/02/17Wecast Network, Inc. to Report Q1 2017 Results and Host Investor Update Call Monday, May 15
04/20/17Wecast Network Announces New Member to its Board of Directors
04/17/17Wecast Network Releases Updated Investor Presentation & Company Overview
03/31/17Wecast Network Announces Q4 and Full Year 2016 Results
03/23/17Wecast Network Names Both New CFO and CTO
03/17/17Wecast Network, Inc. to Report Q4 and Full Year 2016 Results and Host Investor Update Call Friday, March 31
03/07/17Wecast Network and the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (CECC) Form Exclusive Strategic Partnership
02/16/17Wecast Network Announces Supply Chain Finance Partner for its V Market B2B Platform Services
02/16/17Wecast Network Publishes Video Presentation of its Wecast Services Group's M.Y. Products Business
02/15/17Wecast Network Provides Update on Virtual Commerce ("V Market") Platform
02/14/17Wecast Network to Launch Virtual Commerce ("V Market") Solution in Q2 2017
02/02/17Wecast Network Selects Yi Xu as COO and Interim CFO
02/02/17Wecast Network Acquires 55% of Wide Angle Group Limited
02/01/17Wecast Network Completes Acquisition of Sun Video Group and Issues 2017 Company-Wide Guidance of $280 Million Revenue
01/03/17Wecast Network Provides Update on M.Y. Products, LLC Transaction